Before we finalize your price we will create an extensive market analysis based on what your needs are. To complete it we need a thorough inspection of your home, statistics on your type of home, neighborhood competition, and general area sales.

We guarantee you you that we will never recommend a price just to get you to sign an agreement. We do not want to waste your time or ours. The goal is to get the property sold for your benefit. Before we come to your house for our first meeting, it is important that you ask yourself these questions to help us. How quickly do you need to move? When can the house be shown? What is the real payoff amount at closing? Can you put money into the home before listing if needed? Are there judgements or extra liens that need to be satisfied? Who makes the final decision?

Our team consist of Realtors who have been certified as an appraiser, have a degree in Finance, has remodeled and sold historic homes, and all all homeowners not renters. We will factor in closeness to amenities, quality of the school system, interest rates, and is the market biased toward buyers or sellers. We will then recommend a price that is based on statistics and market knowledge, and an honest and straight forward analysis that gives your fact and not fiction.

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