Deer Creek is a township in Oklahoma City, but not an incorporated city. Deer Creek does have a schools system, and water and sewage system, and is small in population limited in growth only by the lack of developed land for housing.

Many homes are acreage properties on unplatted land, and represent one of the highest per capital income locations in Oklahoma. The location of Deer Creek is West of Edmond, and East of Piedmont in Northern Oklahoma County. The chief claim to fame of Deer Creek is its school system. Deer Creek has been consistently rated as the best overall school system in Oklahoma. It student to teacher ratio is normally 16 students to one teacher.

The quality of education is similar to top flight private schools, and the student, teacher, and parent interaction is the envy of all Oklahoma schools. Since the population of Deer Creek is part of the Oklahoma City population the area is hard to judge, but it would be one of the least density of population areas of any school system in Oklahoma.

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