Oklahoma City real estate for investment is in 2014 one of the most stable markets for those who value long term real estate investing and positive cash flow. As someone who’s main specialty for the last 24 years is investment real estate it has been my privilege to assist in selling over 2000 investment homes and help families build long term financial security and even help pay for their children’s college education. The following paragraphs should help to educate you about why you should investment in Oklahoma City Oklahoma homes for sale.

Oklahoma City had no real estate bubble: In 2000 to 2008 Oklahoma City was in a recovery phase and even in 2006 real estate was undervalued by 16% by most reporting agencies, so while the national market was melting down because of sub-prime mortgages used to support inflated home values, Oklahoma as a state had only 5.7% of it’s real state properties considered underwater. Homeowners didn’t need special financing to buy affordable homes.

Oklahoma City economy is strong: For metro areas over 1 million Oklahoma City boast some impressive statistics. We have the lowest unemployment, the greatest percentage of job growth, the highest increase in personal income growth, and this is bolstered by a cost of living 9% below the national average. Forbes just put us as the 7th fastest growing metropolitan area for populations over one million with an annual growth rate at 2.6% per year.

Oklahoma City rental homes have low vacancy rates: I have a total investment team that obeys the laws of supply and demand. We know that we have great population and job growth, but in order to insure that what we show you as a return on paper matches up with real life, we have to make sure we do not err on the side of supply. This has taken down many “hot” foreclosure markets, but our goal is to also give you rental appreciation. As values go up so does taxes and insurance so we need to make sure you can cover those increases. We also research every neighborhood to see how many rental homes are there before we tell you it’s a good buy.

Oklahoma City return on investment: To be a good real estate investment specialist we have to know how to define and calculate not just the home’s comparable value but also the metrics you need to compare against other types of investments. This will consist of three spreadsheet returns. First is capitalization rate, the next is to tell you about cash on cash return, and the third is the long term internal rate of return. If a REALTOR® can’t define and calculate these returns, then they have not done the work to truly be considered an Oklahoma City real estate investment specialist.

How to get started: You can always email me at joe@joepryor.com and we can do a consultation about what your needs and desires are.  You are also welcome to call me at 405-590-2135 and if I don’t immediately answer leave a message that you want to explore investing in Oklahoma City.

What we don’t do: We don’t tell you that only investing in real estate is the wise thing, after all I have other investments so why would I tell you to do something I don’t do? We don’t do fix and flip homes hunting, we are all about long term investing because that is the nature of our market and what we do best.

Finally we don’t over promise and under deliver. I want long term investors who want to come back for more. I have invested in other states and have experienced this and nothing makes me more angry. If you want to know about me then go to Joe Pryor Real Estate Investment specialist. For videos about Oklahoma City real state investment, market updates, and news about short sales and distressed properties, please visit my video channel at http://www.youtube.com/joepryor1247

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