Go Green Oklahoma is an OK.gov initiative showcasing how Oklahoma eGovernment is helping to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing paper consumption and citizen travel to government facilities. OK.gov was created to improve access to government, reduce service-processing costs and enable state agencies to provide a higher quality of service to their constituents.

OK.gov offers numerous possibilities to expand government services online, allowing citizens to interact closely with their state government, and revolutionize operational procedures at the state level. eGovernment is not only a good idea, it is quickly becoming a necessity. As scrutiny over government budgets increases, the efficiencies that eGovernment provides is transforming government processes everywhere.

eGovernment has already generated many changes to laws and policies, and all levels of government have begun to recognize the emergence of eGovernment as having a profound effect on state government. Currently, the Go Green Oklahoma study provides data from Online Services provided by the state of Oklahoma. We invite state agencies to report their online services that reduce paper consumption and/or carbon emissions, to be included in the data.

Go Green Oklahoma is available only online, helping to reduce CO2 emissions associated with paper consumption and the transport of printed material. Courtesy of http://www.ok.gov/gogreen/.

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