Moore is a city in Cleveland County, Oklahoma and is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area. According to the census from 2000, its population was 41,138 at that time and has estimated growth of 21% to 59,361 since 2000. Moore is the second largest city in the county, and is strategically located along I-35 which gives it easy access to Downtown Oklahoma City, The State Capital Complex, Will Rogers Airport, Tinker Air Force base, and The University of Oklahoma, all major employment areas. Moore has both a vibrant public school system, and also private schools.

The City of Moore has 3 high schools, 5 junior high schools, and 21 elementary schools. The school system extends into South Oklahoma City locations.  With 29.4% of the population under 18, the quality of the school system is a great draw. Notable citizens include the country music star Toby Keith, and U.S. Representative Tom Cole, currently the only Native American in Congress.

Moore is a commuter city with an estimated 97% of all adult workers commuting to jobs outside the city. Housing in Moore and the Moore School District is primarily single family residences and multi-family apartments. The SW part of Moore and the Central East district of Moore is where the greatest accumulation of new housing is being built.

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