Piedmont is within its city limits, the smallest incorporated city in the metropolitan area of Oklahoma City with only 3,650 people according to the 2000 census and located in Canadian County. Of that population31.5% are under the age of 18. Piedmont has a reputation of being anti-growth and its population would support that notion.

However, Piedmont Schools extend 3 miles to the East into Oklahoma City limits, and there is where major growth is occurring with both custom acreage properties and higher end single family home subdivisions with public utilities. Because of this growth, by law Piedmont has to build a new Elementary school and is finishing a new middle school, both in Oklahoma City limits along Morgan Road, one mile from Oklahoma County. Piedmont Schools has been one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma City, but recent ratings that put it along side of Deer Creek for excellence ahs spurred on building on its east corridor.

Piedmont Schools have also been recognized for their excellence in sports. Recent state championships in girl's basketball, track, and even its marching band have won state and regional championships. Although probably limited in growth, Piedmont is a main choice for those who want lack of density in population. Piedmont map goes here.

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