Should Oklahoma City Investors Use hard Money?

What is hard money exactly? Simply put, it is money that is loaned out that does not conform to Fannie Mae standards, and can be loaned to people with not so great credit. Most often it is used in Oklahoma City real estate to purchase “fix and flip” properties. On the surface it looks like […]

Oklahoma City Home Sellers and investor offers

I have heard so many Oklahoma City REALTORS® complain that they received an offer from an investor on a listed home for sale and I just don’t get it. Yes, an investor offer is typically a lower one on the asking price but is it really lower? Most Oklahoma City homes that an investor wants […]

Corporate real estate investors are bailing out

Starting in 2009 large Wall Street firms, hedge funds, and pension funds have all gotten into the real estate investment business not so much with Oklahoma City real estate, but with bubble market markdowns in the hardest hit markets. It seemed everyone thought that investing in real estate would be the way to exceptional wealth […]

Buy Oklahoma City investment real estate now

I know what you are thinking, he is just saying buy Oklahoma City investment property because he is an investment specialist and he wants to make sales. Of course both of those are true and if I said I did it for the good of the planet you wouldn’t be buying the garbage would you. […]

Spring Confidence to Heat Summer Real Estate Market

Oklahoma City Real Estate Market

More buyers are saying that summer is the best time to purchase a home, according to the latest Prudential Real Estate Consumer Outlook Survey. More consumers say that the spring momentum will carry into summer, with the survey showing an eight-point jump over a year ago in those who view the summer as the best […]

Credit Counseling to Lower FHA Borrowers’ Payments

Home Loans

Federal Housing Administration borrowers may be able to lower their mortgage insurance premiums if they agree to undergo housing counseling. FHA announced a new program – Homeowners Armed with Knowledge (HAWK) – earlier this month that would allow FHA borrowers who complete counseling before closing to receive a 0.5 percentage point reduction in their upfront […]

Invest in your future with a Oklahoma City Real Estate rental property

Oklahoma City Real Estate

Remember how you felt when you were a kid and put your spare change in your piggy bank? No matter how many coins you actually put in, it was always great to hear that familiar “clink” every time a coin was dropped in. Even as a child, you probably knew and understood that you were […]

Will the New Mortgage Rules Help Oklahoma City Real Estate?

One hundred dollars US

Last Week, the Wall Street Journal proclaimed that: “U.S backs off tight mortgage rules.” Whilst this news probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, it has been greatly anticipated on the Oklahoma City Real Estate market. The Basic Rundown The federal establishment has applauded its tight mortgage policy for years so, what has brought […]

The Importance of Oklahoma City rental appreciation Oklahoma City investment homes have continued their yearly climb in rental appreciation. Too many REALTORS® only pay attention to potential appreciation and do not understand the laws of supply and demand. In a real estate market like Oklahoma City there is home appreciation which means your taxes and insurance will also go up. If […]

Oklahoma City rent versus own

The bulk of my sales come from creating wealth for investors buying Oklahoma City rental property, so why am I saying that renters should buy a home? As much as I love selling Oklahoma City investment homes, I believe that not only is home ownership still the American Dream, it is also represents 29% of […]