Are real estate prices falling in Oklahoma City?

I have always been told don’t believe everything you read in the news and recently the national news has been talking about falling home values but will Oklahoma City real estate be in this trend? First I always tell people don’t ever think that real estate is national, t is local and even hyper local. […]

Is Oklahoma City real estate finally in a boom?

I have been selling Oklahoma City area real estate now for 25 years and I have seen some changeable market conditions. When I entered real estate in October of 1989 it was still a repo market driven by the energy bust of 1982 and recovery was still on the horizon. By 1993 the ship started […]

Real estate investing and risk management When investing in Oklahoma City real estate or anywhere it is not enough to get the figures on return on investment, you also need a risk management assessment. Any investment has a risk from low to high and understanding that as you build your portfolio is essential. When I discuss Oklahoma City real estate […]

The true meaning of full service real estate When a real estate agent in Oklahoma City tells you they are full service is that just a sales line or is it true? This video is about a tale of two vacations that illustrates the meaning. The travel industry has to a large part become a commodity where I books a Colorado mountain […]

Are Oklahoma City Mortgage qualifications unfair?

I constantly from REALTORS® across the country about how Dodd-Frank and QM mortgage qualifications are unfair and that loans are being denied to qualified buyers but is this true and is it affecting Oklahoma City real estate for sale? The answer of course is yes and no and that’s not because I am answering the […]

New Video about City Rising Oklahoma City

It’s great to see Oklahoma City being featured for all the things we have done to improve the quality of life here. As a lifelong Oklahoma City resident I could not have envisioned many years ago that we could accomplish what we have done in the last 15 years. This is a 35 minute video […]

Should Oklahoma City Home Owners get earthquake insurance?

Should you get earthquake insurance on your Oklahoma City home? In the past year in Oklahoma there has been 871 officially reported earthquakes. Most of them are small and are hard to notice unless you are close but this year Edmond Oklahoma recorded a 4.5 magnitude quake which I felt in Oklahoma City. I have […]

Oklahoma City Real Estate Market Conditions July 2014

It is the end of July 2014 and I wanted to do a different take on Oklahoma City real estate market conditions. Deadlines do exist in real estate and just about the biggest one that affects price is the start of the Fall semester of school. Oklahoma City schools have their ear lies start I […]

Foreign national real estate investor financing

My main specialty in Oklahoma City real estate is building wealth through investing in real estate. The Oklahoma City market has been one of the most stable investment real estate market, and if you are the type of investor who is looking for a great return over a 10 year period of time and not […]

Oklahoma City real estate market conditions July 2014

2014 has been a powerful year for Oklahoma City real estate and the Oklahoma City economy in general. Without a bubble decline our loss of value in 2008 was much smaller compared to the rest of the country but the question always remains, can we sustain it? The answer month after month has been yes. […]